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Nothing beats a car rental in Sousse to discover this great tourist city in Tunisia, Sousse is the third largest city in Tunisia has three major assets: the long sandy beach of Boujaffar, the medina from the time of the Aghlabids, protected by Unesco, and the superb archaeological museum of Sousse. All are visited and enjoyed by locals and tourists alike.

Sousse has been populated since at least the 9th century BC. AD, when it was the site of an important Phoenician trading post. It came under the influence of Carthage in the 6th century BC, and during the Second Punic War it was Hannibal's base in his campaign against Scipio's Roman forces.

One of Tunisia's most popular beach resorts, Sousse effortlessly combines beach resort comfort with historical and cultural pursuits, combining the best of both worlds.

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Where to go with my rental car in Sousse

While the luxury hotels that line the seaside suburb of Port el Kantaoui offer all the bliss of sun and sand, the medina district in central Sousse has more than enough tourist attractions to satisfy lovers culture.

It's no wonder this ancient seaside town continues to charm all who visit. Discover with your rental car in Sousse the best places to visit for sightseeing, with our list of the main tourist attractions of Sousse and other regions not far from the city.

  • The medina of Sousse: Off the beach, the main Sousse's tourist attraction is its medina (old town) district.
    Its traditional character has been carefully preserved and it has been awarded UNESCO World Heritage Site status for being one of the finest surviving examples of medina architecture in Tunisia.
    The maze of alleyways is surrounded by a two-kilometer circuit of walls, built in 859 AD, following the same line as the original Byzantine-era walls and using gigantic stone blocks recycled from ancient Roman sites.
  • The Ribat: Northwest of the Great Mosque of Sousse , the Ribat tower is the major emblem of the city.
    It was part of a chain of about 800 fortifications built by the Aghlabid dynasty along the Tunisian coast. Today, only a few of these buildings survive.
    The Ribat, with its bulky and strong walls, was the city's first line of defense against enemy attacks during the Aghlabid period.
  • The Kasbah: The 30 meter high Khalaf tower of the Kasbah (named after its builder), built in 859 AD, is recognized as one of the oldest and best preserved examples of its type still standing in North Africa.
    The Kasbah fortifications were built and extended around the tower in the 11th century and took over the military role of the Ribat of Sousse.
    The building now houses the Archaeological Museum of Sousse, so you can admire its architecture while visiting the exhibits.
    The highest platform of the Kasbah is 50 meters above that of the Ribat, making it one of the best places to visit to admire the medina.
  • Archaeological Museum of Sousse: This excellent museum, inside of the Kasbah, contains the largest collection of antiquities in the country after the Bardo Museum in Tunis.
    Its main exhibitions herald the Punic, Roman and early Christian periods.
    Give yourself a good few hours for a visit, because there are some exceptional pieces here.
    Room 3, with its sublime mosaics including the Triumph of Bacchus and Apollo and the Muses, is an obvious highlight, but don't miss the Medusa mosaic in room 2 either (considered one of the finest rooms in the room). collection) and the mosaic of seasons and months in Room 9 which was unearthed in El Djem.
  • The Great Mosque: The Great Mosque of Sousse, resembling a fortress, was built in 851 AD, a few years after the refoundation of the city by the Aghlabids.
  • Port el Kantaoui: If you're here for the beach, this will be your first call. This purpose-built resort, about six kilometers north of Sousse, is where many visitors stay for a sun and sea vacation.
    The resort is centered around a large marina with over 300 moorings. It contains several luxury hotels and holiday apartment blocks along the seafront, as well as restaurants, cafes, a shopping center and a wide range of sports facilities.
  • Departing from Sousse on your rental car, you will also be able to visit magnificent neighboring regions, such as the village of Hergla, the village of Takrouna, the city of Monastir, the city of Kairouan, the city of Mahdia, the amphitheater of El Jem, ....

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  • City speed limit : 50km/h
  • Out-of-town speed limit : 90km/h
  • highway speed limit : 110km/h