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Where to go with my rental car in Hammamet city

Hammamet has a wonderfully scenic location, wrapping comfortably around an inlet on the Cap Bon peninsula.

It is the first tourist resort in Tunisia. Its sandy beaches and pretty, well-preserved medina (old town) are the main points of interest, and the town itself is a gentle introduction to the culture and traditions of North Africa.

Sightseeing with a rental car in Hammamet is a great idea if you feel like leaving the beach to discover magical places, Hammamet is perfectly placed as a base to explore the rest of the tourist attractions of Cap Bon.

  • The medina: surrounded by its original 15th century walls , Hammamet's maze of narrow, winding lanes in the city's medina (old town) is home to a wealth of well-preserved traditional Tunisian architecture.
    This is one of the best places in Cap Bon to visit for shopping, with local embroidery, ceramics, leather goods and rugs, although goods tend to be expensive in local shops. medina.
  • The Kasbah: The 13th century Kasbah of Hammamet is still worth worth visiting, especially if you're looking for a side of history to complement your beach break.
    There is an interesting museum inside which explains the colorful history of Hammamet's pirate lair and subsequent Spanish occupation.
    During your stay, be sure to climb to the top of the ramparts for a magnificent view of the medina and the picturesque fishing port. It's a great place to take photos of the Mediterranean sunset.
  • City of Nabeul: Nabeul is the largest city on the peninsula. Cap Bon Island (10 km from Hammamet), bordered by a long sandy beach that stretches around the Gulf of Hammamet.
    Surrounded by intensely cultivated farmland, the town's Friday market is a bustle of fresh produce and local action that photographers will love. It is also a center for handicrafts, and shoppers can purchase beautiful locally made pottery and braided mats. Textiles are available here at cheaper prices than in Hammamet.
  • Kerkouane: discovered only in 1952, the site of Kerkouane (at 80Km from Hammamet) would have been colonized by the Phoenicians from the 6th century BC, long before the foundation of Carthage.
    A fishing and dyers' village, it was razed by the Romans during the Third Punic War and was never rebuilt, so the original plan of the Punic town was kept intact.
    The city was laid out in the shape of a horseshoe and surrounded by a double belt of walls with two gates. A small museum next to the excavation site illustrates the history of Kerkouane and the archaeological work that has been carried out since 1966.
  • Kelibia: One of the best day trips to the departure from Hammamet (75Km) for history buffs is the small town of Kelibia, which is crowned by a fortress on a 150-meter rock that dominates the town.
    Originally built by the Byzantines, Kelibia Fortress was expanded and strengthened under the Hafsid dynasty.
    The thick walls of the fortress have been perfectly preserved and if you climb the bastions you will be rewarded with magnificent views of the Mediterranean. On a clear day you can make out the shape of Sicily in the distance.

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Information for car rental Hammamet

  • City speed limit : 50km/h
  • Out-of-town speed limit : 90km/h
  • highway speed limit : 110km/h